Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What'll Happen to the Re-runs?

What'll Happen to the Re-runs?

I haven't been rambling for a very long time now, but today when I did the article on SageTV adding placeshifting capabilities to its media center software, it struck me - What will happen to the re-runs?

Once satellite TV and media centers become common to all households worldwide, I don't think TV Channels would be able to have re-runs, no matter how classic or popular the TV serial or movie, as everyone will just program their media centers to record them.

It's going to be real tough for TV channels, especially movie channels, to come up with new content everyday and of course it will be a costly affair.

Not more than one re-run on movie channels will be great for viewers (assuming everyone has a media center) as it will mean new movies each time, but it will also mean a huge loss for movie channels as they'll need to get new movies each time.

TV Serials though will get a big boost, as new content will be required ever so often. It'll give the industry a real chance to grow. Quality may suffer, but the money will come in.

I think Sports Channels will be the least affected, in fact they'll be the biggest gainers from Satellite TV and media centers. I don't need to say why; it's obvious, sporting events take place throughout the year and there are not that many channels.

No Re-runs - come to think of it, it'll be an end to a cultural phenomenon. The number of comic strips dedicated to re-runs - MAD, Archie, the volumes of TV guides - it'll all go.


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